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Adventures in Middle Earth, 2014 (1)

I’m two weeks into my escape from late winter in Nebraska to late summer in New Zealand, and it’s high time that I brought you an update.  Last week we had an excursion to an area that I have not … Continue reading

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Webnesday (13)

Greetings from New Zealand!  I’ve been here a nearly a week already and have another six weeks to go, and it’s wonderful to be here again!  All is well except that the Elf has a nasty cold; it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Places remembered: Piako River(bank)

I am preparing for another extended (7-week) trip to New Zealand, starting tomorrow.  I’m very excited at the prospect and am eager to see what I’ll be able to share with you.  This scene is one that I photographed in … Continue reading

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About Face (2): Meet Mr. Maple

For some time now, especially after Limo’s passing in September, I’ve had the feeling, when I’ve been out behind the house, that I’ve not been alone.  I’ve been talking about that feeling, when being in the woods, with others who … Continue reading

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Godspeed, Glenda

Those of you who have been following me for a while will recall that I’ve been providing foster care for a puppy-mill dog from our local Humane Society. Here is a direct link to my previous post about her, from … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

Sometimes wishes come true.  We have had a months-long dry spell here in eastern Nebraska, the ground cracking visibly.  There was a slight dusting of powdery snow a few days ago, but only about an inch, and it pretty quickly … Continue reading

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Webnesday (12)

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m going to take you back to a warm afternoon in November 1984 in Fort Worth, Texas.  I was attending a most un-memorable training session on a topic which I remember very … Continue reading

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Fleeting beauty: Hey, watch your step, big guy!

I’m tired of cold, dry, dismal weather.  If only we’d have a real snowfall, I’d feel a lot better.  The summery feel to my post of yesterday helped a lot to cheer me up, so I’ll offer another flashback to … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Full circle

This is my 360th post since joining WordPress a little more than three years ago.  It didn’t take too much of a leap of insight to fantasize that, if each post were a degree, this would complete a full circle.  … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: International peace

It was one of the happiest times of my life.  After 25 years of service with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, my countdown to retirement finally came to a blissful conclusion on May 31, 2010.  Upper management had decided two … Continue reading

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