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Isolation Antidotes (48): A Rainbow of Hope

With the Level 3 lockdown back in place here, I’ve been looking back through my archives for an offering that will reflect not only the ominous effects of this setback, but also a glimmer of hope that the prompt and … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (47): Ominous News, Ominous Views

Our lucky streak of relative C-19 safety came to a sudden stop yesterday, as four new cases were diagnosed in one household in south Auckland, and it’s not (yet) clear where the original source of the infection was. So we’re … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (23): Here Come the Sun(flowers)!

This past week New Zealand’s Prime Minister reduced our risk status to Level 2, so things are slowly returning more closely to what used to be “normal.” However, we remain very cautious and plan to continue to be, until such … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (19): Storm Lake Storm

On August 13, 2016, I had to go to Fergus Falls, Minnesota to pick up our car after its repair following an unfortunate close encounter of the fourth kind with a very large deer and then headed back south to … Continue reading

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Saturday Sequel: Both Sides Now

It’s rather surprising, and more than a little sobering, to consider how much we take some things for granted—until they are taken away, or at least stop working properly. I’ve come to depend, more than I realized, on the ready … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (14): It’s a New Day!

Everything seems to back to normal again, to my great relief, and I have been scurrying this morning to find an image that would, um, reflect my elation. After a very quick search of archived images I’ve tagged for re-visiting … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (12): Lucky Lenticular Luminosity

Another trip back in time. It was January 2010 (mid-summer), in the midst of a family road trip with our daughters and their families from Auckland to Ohakune (oh-ah-COO-nee), a small town on the southwestern edge of New Zealand’s National … Continue reading

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Shrouded Aurora

I learned yesterday, from Minnesota Public Radio, that there was a good chance that northern lights could appear at night, so I searched for and I found an article (on the MPR website) in which the author recommended photographing across … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: CLV Revisited

My blogging buddy Linda over at Shoreacres commented, just the other day, on my current header photo. It’s a favorite of mine, and one that I made at one of my very favorite places. This particular day in late September … Continue reading

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Nebulous noteables: Iowegian monster (Part 2)

In my reply to the comment by ShoreAcres in my last post, I mentioned that a large part of the original cloud had calved off and that the two parts had then migrated apart. I made this shot of the … Continue reading

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