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Thanksgiving, With 2020 Vision

It has surely been quite a remarkable  year and, in spite of a plethora of unexpected challenges along the way, well beyond our control, we still have so much to be thankful for. For the first time in nearly 40 … Continue reading

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Big, bold bird

We’ve seen nothing of the local flock of turkeys that inhabit our part of Omaha for many months, until the past few days.  Two toms have recently appeared, and they were strolling outside our front windows early this afternoon.  I … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

Sometimes wishes come true.  We have had a months-long dry spell here in eastern Nebraska, the ground cracking visibly.  There was a slight dusting of powdery snow a few days ago, but only about an inch, and it pretty quickly … Continue reading

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Big boys—boastful, bold, and beautiful

Last week, before the weather finally turned warm, CD happened to look out the window and saw that our local flock of turkeys was on the prowl again.  I watched them for a few minutes and decided to see if … Continue reading

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Turkeys in the trees

As we were greeting the day this morning and looked out the window, what—to our won- dering eyes—should appear, but a half-dozen members of our local band of wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), wandering about, scratching, and pecking in the grass … Continue reading

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Giving thanks for the day

I’ve just placed my fresh Frangelico Chocolate Pecan Pie into the fridge to cool and would like to wish you all a most delightful Thanksgiving!  It’s still unseasonably warm—it topped 70°F here yesterday and should reach 60 today—but there’s still, … Continue reading

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Skeptical scavengers

A couple of days ago the big acorn-hunters were back in the neighborhood, this time at least 19-strong.  As the two mature toms chased each other around, the rest of the flock pursued their acorn-scavenging rather sedately.  This time I positioned … Continue reading

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Stepping into November

As autumn progresses and the roving bands of hopeful children from Halloween’s festivities delve into their hoards of candy, our local bands of roving turkeys still make an occasional appearance as they leave the relative safety of the neighborhood creek … Continue reading

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Gobblers galore (and a little bonus)

Three posts in as many days—and I am as surprised as anyone.  I’d planned not to spend time on another one today, but the Fates had other ideas for me.  I know that several of my readers will be very … Continue reading

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Big birds back

As I went to put out the recycling this afternoon, I was delighted to find that our local gang of 18 turkeys was foraging on the eastern edge of our yard.  I slowly retreated back into the house, hastily affixed … Continue reading

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