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Isolation Antidotes (20): Back To the Pointe

This past week I put out a post (here) from northern Ireland which featured, in part, the wildflowers known as sea thrift (Armeria maritima). Today’s is a sort of sequel, in that the same variety of flowers are here again, … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (7): Ethereal Easter

It’s a very strange Easter, not being able to congregate in the normal way and not even able to share our family bubbles yet. It engenders a strong feeling of melancholy and longing. In keeping with my new category of … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (4): Light In the Darkness

This is among the last photos that I made on conventional film, on November 11, 1999 (it just happened to coincide with my parents’ wedding anniversary). I was on assignment in France, had just finished the day’s work, and was … Continue reading

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A liking for lichens: Bretagne

Earlier this month, as I was going through my archives from my visit to France in April 2002 to bring you my photo of the Vaillac meadow, I came across this study that I made during an adventurous and memorable … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: the French connection

I’ve been thinking all week about a suitable silly offering for today, and I’ve come up with a few possibilities, especially after having delved so deeply into my excursions to France. I had not considered this one until just very … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Vaillac Brook

Two of my faithful followers (Ogee and Vicki) have requested some follow-up photos from my trip to France in April 2002. Very well, I’m happy to comply.  I made this one within a half-hour’s drive of the meadow that I … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Vaillac meadow

In the spring of 2002 I had a work trip to France. It lasted a month and took up the entire month of April. I’ve been thinking about this photo for a Serenity Sunday post for some time now and … Continue reading

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Long may you live and prosper in memory

It is very unusual for me to post twice in one day, but I need to send this out today, because another legend has passed on to another plane. I heard the news this morning that Leonard Nimoy is no … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Silly, indeed!

I’ve been trying to decide whether to bring you something actually silly or something warm and sunny, in keeping with reflections on warmer times as winter drags on, and I’ve hit on what I think is a rather clever compromise. … Continue reading

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Places remembered: Naves (revisited)

The day before yesterday I posted a rainbow photo that I made in Naves, France in 1999 and mentioned that another that I’d made at the time wasn’t clear enough to add to the post.  Well, as those who know … Continue reading

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