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Family Friday: Aww, The Sprout and Leo

Some of you may remember the post that I sent out in June, reporting that our Leo had developed one white whisker. Well, time is passing and entropy continues to envelop us all, and he’s no exception. Another whisker, right … Continue reading

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The Oww and the Pussycat

I’ve highlighted our Grands on several occasions recently, but it’s really been quite a while since I featured the smallest member of our family—and even longer, I believe, since I posted an actual selfie, rather than just including myself in … Continue reading

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Fleeting Beauty: Leo the Languorous

With the exception of last Saturday, we haven’t seen blue skies or sunshine for about a week and are getting tired of dark mornings and the dismal pallor. It seems we’re not the only ones, as eloquently demonstrated by our … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Pets past and present

There are two parts to this post.  The first (and melancholy) part is here because we are fondly remembering our Fern, who left us five years ago last week, and we’re missing her. The second (and happy) part is here … Continue reading

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500 Ways to Live Your Love

On this milesone of my 500th post with WordPress, I thank all of you who have been following my blogs. I’ve thought about how to celebrate this, and decided to spend most of the day sorting out a dozen of … Continue reading

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Ruler of the roost—again

I am happy to report that Molly, the delightful Bichon we’ve had in foster care for the past two weeks will soon be back with her original family without having to be put up for adop- tion..  Her rehabilitation and … Continue reading

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Portraits of pets past: Jessica

Jessica was our second cat.  I made this portrait of her around 1974.  She was one of the sweetest cats I have ever known.  She lived with us while we finished our studies in Berlin and moved back to the … Continue reading

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Portraits of Pets Past: Roofus 1

I have been considering for some time adding a new Category, to bring you some of my favorite images of the wonderful pets that have shared our lives over the course of the past 40 years, and I’d like to … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Springtime scoffing

So, Old Man Winter, you think you can beat us down with your seemingly-endless tenacity and ability to rally and reappear just when we thought you had departed for good?  Well, we are noticing that each of your attempts is … Continue reading

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Two at the Zoo

“Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo!  /  I do believe it!  I do believe it’s true!”  –Paul Simon Two recent visits from Schwes and a college friend of CD’s have prompted us to take them to our wonderful … Continue reading

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