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Menagerie Monday (4): Lobos de Mar

My blogging buddy Steve Schwartzman did a post on California’s Point Lobos the other day, in which he mentioned a colony of seals on an island in his photo. They were likely California sea lions (Zalophus californianus), and I was … Continue reading

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Keys to secret treasures (Part 4)

My son-in-law, whom I will call Gander, had two main purposes in his Florida adventure, in which he graciously invited me to participate.   The first was, as I have intimated, to feed his boundless passion for snorkeling.  In this he … Continue reading

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I’m sharing my spare time between experiences at the cabin and those that I enjoyed in Florida, and I’d like to digress from tropical subjects to a more contemplative one that came to me just a couple of days before … Continue reading

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Keys to secret treasures (Part 3)

Some of you who have been reading my latest two posts may well be interested in more of my recent snorkeling adventures. Rest assured that I will add them—but first, here’s a new character whom I met at the Blue … Continue reading

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Keys to secret treasures (Part 2)

On our first full day in the Florida Keys, our snorkeling adventure wasn’t scheduled until the afternoon, so we had the morning free. Checking literature for our base of operations for three days (Big Pine Island), our attention was drawn … Continue reading

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Keys to secret treasures (Part 1)

Yes, I have been inactive on my website for a while. I’m not making any excuses—it’s just that I’ve been that busy. No need to go into details, but I will offer something from a delightful week of snorkeling in … Continue reading

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Monday’s micro-monster

Circumstances prevented our planned outing into the New Zealand bush the other day, so I’ve been compensating with little excursions to the edge of Batty’s rather wild growth that flanks the property, and the day before yesterday my search led … Continue reading

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