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I think back, now and then, just how lucky I’ve been With the lands I’ve been privileged to know, All the curious faces and magical places I’ve seen, How in many a new land I’ve taken a new hand In … Continue reading

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Back when everything was sound, I used to run around; I could jog a few miles with ease. I could scamper up a tree like the squirrels I see and four flights of stairs were a breeze. I’d laugh and … Continue reading

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Bare-Bottom Baby Boogie

The Sprout loves music, too! (Photo by Batty (The Sprout’s mom)

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Munising music & moonrise

About three weeks ago, our oh-so-busy summer plans had us driving from Bayfield, Wis- consin to Munising (MEW-niss-sing), Michigan, en route to a huge family reunion near Cadillac that would start the next day. After we’d checked in at our … Continue reading

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Webnesday (12)

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m going to take you back to a warm afternoon in November 1984 in Fort Worth, Texas.  I was attending a most un-memorable training session on a topic which I remember very … Continue reading

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First snow

The cloak of autumn slipped away from the shoulders of the morning / As the first snow fell today and the geese called out their warning I heard them gathering in the night, collecting courage for their migratory flight / And … Continue reading

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Belated birthday bulletin

My report on my birthday celebration, nearly a month ago, is long overdue.  As I’ve reported in the past, I traditionally invite my three best friends up to the cabin for a week of music and photography, and this year … Continue reading

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Aftermath, Part 5, Post 2

It’s October 9, the date of my dad’s birthday (he would have been 99) and three days after mine (I am now 67), and I am in a wonderful mood of peace and reverie here in our cabin in northern … Continue reading

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Winfield—Woes, Wonders, and Weather

Back in June, I think it was, an old friend and musical compatriot, Tom, got it into his head to enter the 40th annual International Guitar Championships in association with the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, scheduled to take … Continue reading

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