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Another Shaggy Story

Last Sunday I participated in a “Bio Blitz” in one of our many parks here in Auckland. The mission was to spot and identify as many birds, insects, snails, geckos, skinks, spiders, etc. as we could within the span of … Continue reading

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Webnesday (68): More Foggy, Foggy Dew

And now for something completely different. It has been my custom to present images in my Webnesday posts of the spiders whose acquaintance I happen to make, but this time I’m featuring the results of the work of many. We … Continue reading

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Here Be Goblins (3)

Here’s another offering from our hike on Mt. Taranaki earlier this week. We were surrounded by three of my favorite forms of vegetation—mosses, ferns, and lichens. Today I bring you a sample of the latter. I would have loved to … Continue reading

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Here Be Goblins (2)

Back in the Goblin Forest on the eastern slope of Mt. Taranaki, there were not only a great selection of mosses and lichens, but also a fine array of ferns as well. Both the overcast sky and the intermittent rain … Continue reading

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Here Be Goblins (1)

I’ve been off the website for a week: We made an adventuresome excursion to New Plymouth, on the northern edge of the peninsula formed long ago by the eruption of the volcano known as Mt. Taranaki. We spent three days … Continue reading

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Family Flashbacks (15): And So…SFO

That Saturday the 22nd provided an all-day exploration of San Francisco. We had spent the night in the very quaint and funky San Remo Hotel and we walked one street over to Taylor Street for breakfast in Pam’s Café, then … Continue reading

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Family Flashbacks (14): A Bird, A Breach, & A Beach

Continuing my flashback California road trip report, on this date we gladly put the Artichoke Inn in our rear-view mirror, breakfasted again in the Moss Landing Café (no artichokes), and drove to a nearby departure point for Sanctuary Whale Watch … Continue reading

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Family Flashbacks (9): Giants

This day, six years ago, was the tenth in our Nebraska-to-California-and-back road trip. After a sumptuous breakfast in Arcata, we headed south, first on the four-lane Highway 101 for about ten miles, until we reached the turnoff for far-more scenic, … Continue reading

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Family Flashbacks (7): Lingering in Lassen

After a nice breakfast of biscuits and gravy in Fallon, Nevada, we drove our last stretch of Highway 50 and crossed the border into California. Our goal was Redding and we had no specific points of interest in mind, but … Continue reading

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Family Flashbacks (5): Big Sky, Basin, and Beef

Today’s date six years ago found us on the sixth day of our road trip. We logged only 152 miles (245 km) but took our time and savored the wide-open spaces. We left our totally-forgettable (we wish!) lodging in Delta, … Continue reading

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