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Serenity Sunday: Solstice Dads

This year the summer solstice coincides with Fathers’ Day.  What a happy meeting!  I find myself reflecting not only on great memories that my parents and I built over the years, but also on the uncountable joys that fatherhood has … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Street play

Shortly after I purchased my first serious camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, while studying in Berlin, I learned from a fellow student how to make a black & white print in the modest darkroom that was available in the student dormitory … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day memories

On this new Mother’s Day, I’d like to pay tribute to three who have been, in every way, an absolutely integral part of my life —my own mother, the mother of my children, and the mother of our granddaughter. I … Continue reading

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Archives (4): A Winter’s Tale

My good photo-friend Cindy Taylor just posted a beautiful photo that she’d made of a friend of her son’s on stage during a performance, and I was strongly reminded of one of my favorite shots that I made from the … Continue reading

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Archives (3): Thunderhead, Mt. Lincoln

Back in early August 1992, our family treated ourselves to a week at a ranch very nicely situated next to the Taylor Fork of the Gallatin River in Montana.  As we arrived, I saw this massive thunderhead climbing rapidly into … Continue reading

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Archives (2): Memorial Day 2013

For my Memorial Day offering, I’ve delved back into my archives and found a photo that my mom probably shot, of me and my dad, when I was only three weeks old.  My dad, who served as a Captain in … Continue reading

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Archives (1): The eyes have it

I’ve been having a discussion with my good photo friend Adrian Lewis about bringing great memories back to life through photography, and I mentioned that some of my best memories of my days in veterinary practice are intimately related to … Continue reading

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