Silly Saturday: Bad Feather Day

bad-feather-day-04-29-12Why didn’t you tell me you turned up the heat on your blow dryer, Dearest?

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Menagerie Monday (4): Lobos de Mar

My blogging buddy Steve Schwartzman did a post on California’s Point Lobos the other day, in which he mentioned a colony of seals on an island in his photo. They were likely California sea lions (Zalophus californianus), and I was reminded of an encounter that I had with South American sea lions (Otaria flavescens, aka Southern or Patagonian sea front-and-center-1-06-12-04lions) on the coast of the city of Mar del Plata (Sea of Silver) on the coast of Argentina in 2004. Interestingly, the common local name for them is lobos de mar, which translates as sea wolves. This colony was quite used to curious people, and I was able to get with a few yards of this one for a portrait shot without feeling that I was getting too close for comfort.

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Thoughts for Thanksgiving

I considered revisiting some of the images I’ve made of the local turkeys that occasionally prowl our neighborhood, but then I had another thought. Back in 2008, during a work trip to Australia, I was exploring a forest path near Noosa, Queensland, when I saw this brush scrub-turkey-08-16-08turkey walking cautiously through the underbrush. It was pretty shy and the light was so poor that I had to use my on-camera flash, but I managed to get this one fairly clear view before it disappeared back out of sight. I doubt that the Australians have embraced Thanksgiving, but hey–a turkey’s a turkey, right? Anyway, happy turkey day, everyone!

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Flashback Friday: Frosty Florist

Student days in Germany, late December 1970. A friend and fellow student in Berlin invited me to spend the Christmas holidays with his family in the town of Gifhorn, in the southeastern part of Lower Saxony, about 10 miles northwest of Wolfsburg. I clearly remember going for a walk on this very cold and blustery day and coming upon this flower shop. The high humidity inside had resulted in heavy condensation on the inside of the show window and the cold outside had frozen portions of it. I could see the reflections of the buildings on the other side of the street behind me and was fascinated by the abstract result. I made only one shot, but wish I had made more. I don’t remember what film I used (probably an Agfa slide film), but the camera was my new Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. Gifhorn-FlowerShopI scanned and digitized the photo a few years ago, and the film’s colors had faded quite a bit through the years. I’ve tried to restore them to how I remember them in Lightroom.

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Last Rose

Among CD’s favorite flowers in our garden are the white roses that she planted in August 2012. I have presented several of them before here, but I am quite sure that this is the latest in the season that I have seen fresh ones appearing. It’s amazing to me that they are Last rose of 2016 (3059)so hardy, even after we’ve had our first freeze, albeit briefly. Temperatures are predicted to drop well below freezing for the next three days, however, starting tomorrow, and I am fairly certain that this will be the last. I’m sorry to see them go, but I love seeing it now.

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SuperMoon Special

It’s called a SuperMoon because it’s not only full but at perigee, its closest to the earth in its current elliptical orbit. The last SuperMoon was on January 26, 1948 and the next will be November 5, 2034. Blessed with a clear sky, I made this photo this morning at 6:31. SuperMoon-3045

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Melancholy Monday: Rest easy, Jack

As is my custom, I put our Jack-O’-Lantern to rest in our compost pile after he has lived out his proud duty as guardian of our portal against the ghoulies and ghosties and short-leggedy beasties that came calling and hoping for Hallowe’en handouts. He did nicely and Jack at rest 3035has held up well, but now he’s closing his mouth and squinting a bit more as he prepares to join the rest of his surroundings to help to feed the foliage of the future. Fare thee well! (P.S. It’s now actually Monday, and I’ve just realized that I posted this a day too soon. I guess I was so happy with it that I just got caught up in the excitement and forgot to wait another day so that it would be a legitimate member of its intended category. Forgive me?)

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