Hello, and welcome to my new blog! It has been several years since I last tried to use the site of my first attempt (www.krikitarts.com), and I found it consistently very frustrating, mostly because I was unable to figure out how to read any messages or comments that visitors may have left for me. For those of you who have tried to do so, please accept my apologies!  I have been recently inspired to open this new site by Kat, who has done fabulous things with hers

In addition to the periodic blog of my current and recent activities and interests, I am including several extra Pages, as they are called by this host, containing such things as photo galleries, music clips, and the like.  For the photos, simply click on the Photography tab at the top, and then on the link to the gallery you would like to view (e.g., Aftermath, Australia, etc.).  The active links are underlined; others that are under construction are not (yet), but stay tuned.

If it takes a minute or so for the site to load, please be patient.  I am working to reduce the time it takes, and I hope it’s worth the small wait.

Fishing in the Rain

8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. May I Pin your blog banner on Pinterest? I would like to be able to easily redirect my fellow pinners to your beautiful blog. :) I will be sure to state that no pinning or repinning of your photos is allowed.

  2. Don Smart says:

    Hi Gary. You are dry….and we had the most snowfall ever in January with close to 50 inches. Supposed to get another six tonight. Snowblower is getting a real workout (over 500 feet of driveway to try to keep clean).

    • krikitarts says:

      Hi Don, My wish has been granted. It’s snowing steadily here now, and we’re supposed to get 6-8 inches. I know that’s a drop in a bucket for you guys up there, but it should really help things along down here!

  3. Don Smart says:

    We were only supposed to get 3-5 inches. I removed 3 inches early this morning, and upon my return from town it appears as if there is another 4-5 inches, plus some drifts that go all the way across my driveway. I guess it’s time to go over to the in-laws and borrow the plow truck….

  4. Don Smart says:

    The latest Elf picture is fantastic. The genetics are unmistakable!

  5. Some brilliant photography here, Gary, great to meet you today. Hope you enjoyed your dust palace evening. My partner Liz is most impressed by your pictures. Feel free to check hers out at http://www.lizhardleyimages.com – like you she goes back to film days (Minolta and Mamiya in her day).

    • krikitarts says:

      I’m delighted to hear from you so soon, Glynn, and I thank you so much for following through on our brief meeting–I’m eager to meet your partner now, too!

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