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Isolation Antidotes (47): Ominous News, Ominous Views

Our lucky streak of relative C-19 safety came to a sudden stop yesterday, as four new cases were diagnosed in one household in south Auckland, and it’s not (yet) clear where the original source of the infection was. So we’re … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (14): It’s a New Day!

Everything seems to back to normal again, to my great relief, and I have been scurrying this morning to find an image that would, um, reflect my elation. After a very quick search of archived images I’ve tagged for re-visiting … Continue reading

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Serenity (and sadly, sobering, self-isolating) Sunday

The implementation of cautionary measures is escalating daily here and life, as we’ve known it, is changing rapidly. They have—so far—not been as drastic as in other places in the news, but the status is no longer quo. Internationally-arriving passengers … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Gulch glory

I am deeply into the beginning stages of a very busy period that will most likely last throughout the next couple of months, and I will have little time to devote either to following those of you who have become … Continue reading

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Misty, magical morning

Last Saturday Ked and I arose at 6 am, well before sunrise, had a quick breakfast, and were on our way before anyone else in his clan of 11 was stirring, escaping the (mostly) delightful and (inevitably) raucous escapades of … Continue reading

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A summer’s day in mid-winter

Let us contemplate, for a moment, the magic of boarding a plane in the middle of winter and, a day or so later, de-planing on another in the middle of summer.  This is an experience that I have had the … Continue reading

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Coming soon!

Watch this space.  :)

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