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Keys to secret treasures (Part 2)

On our first full day in the Florida Keys, our snorkeling adventure wasn’t scheduled until the afternoon, so we had the morning free. Checking literature for our base of operations for three days (Big Pine Island), our attention was drawn … Continue reading

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Keys to secret treasures (Part 1)

Yes, I have been inactive on my website for a while. I’m not making any excuses—it’s just that I’ve been that busy. No need to go into details, but I will offer something from a delightful week of snorkeling in … Continue reading

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Monday’s micro-monster

Circumstances prevented our planned outing into the New Zealand bush the other day, so I’ve been compensating with little excursions to the edge of Batty’s rather wild growth that flanks the property, and the day before yesterday my search led … Continue reading

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Migratory mandate

It seems that the harbinger birds about whom I have posted recently are on the right track in anticipating an early arrival of spring, as the Canada geese are now confirming.  Thanks, in part, I’m pretty confident, to the warm … Continue reading

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Big, bold bird

We’ve seen nothing of the local flock of turkeys that inhabit our part of Omaha for many months, until the past few days.  Two toms have recently appeared, and they were strolling outside our front windows early this afternoon.  I … Continue reading

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Hopeful harbinger

We’re about halfway through another winter storm, though nothing as serious as what our eastern states have recently been through. It started around midnight last night and so far some four inches have fallen. None of that nice, fluffy stuff … Continue reading

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Here be dragons

I really hadn’t planned to do a detailed post today, since so much other stuff is taking up the front burners (I won’t bother to elaborate), but the natural developments outside are so spectacular that I have no choice but … Continue reading

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Bejeweled beauty

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve seen our first ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) and also that I’d had no chance to photograph them yet. That thought stuck with me and I made sure that I spent some time with them throughout … Continue reading

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500 Ways to Live Your Love

On this milesone of my 500th post with WordPress, I thank all of you who have been following my blogs. I’ve thought about how to celebrate this, and decided to spend most of the day sorting out a dozen of … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Tui two

I’ve been getting some excellent feedback on yesterday’s post of the tui in the flowering flax. There has been considerable interest in the shape of the bird’s bill and if I was able to observe the bird making use of … Continue reading

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