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Reviewing (and reflecting on) 2013

A most memorable year it has been, in many ways.  It would be not be at all difficult to provide full descriptions of the events that have helped to make it so, but I think it’s best to keep my … Continue reading

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Christmas, clearly

It is with new eyes that I prepare this post, and I am more delighted than I can adequately express to be able to say that I am seeing everything more clearly than I have in many years.  My second … Continue reading

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A Solstice Carol

The Winter Stars, a Solstice Carol (c) 2000 by Gary D. Bolstad / KrikitMusic.  Please click on an individual photo for a higher-resolution image.  Happy solstice to all!  

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Serenity Sunday: Visions past and future

It may be a while before I’m able to post again, but I sincerely hope not.  I’ve been having trouble seeing details in low light for some time now, and I’ve found that it’s due to the development of cataracts … Continue reading

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Dry Falls, revisited

My friend Adrian has asked for a monochrome version of the detail photo that I included in my last post.  I’m only too happy to oblige, and it was great fun to work further with this image.  Thanks for your … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Dry Falls

Just three weeks ago, while my brother was showing us around some of his favorite back roads in the Nantahala (nan-ta-HAY-la) National Forest near the town of Highlands in western North Carolina, I was able to re-visit a place on … Continue reading

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