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Tweaking Tuesday: Chilly Chipinque

Some twelve years ago, my work took me to Mexico in April. The end of the month found me in the city of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León.  I’d been there for a few days, and had so … Continue reading

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A Waitak wander (Part 2)

Following up with my last post (here) and continuing with my recent bush walk in the Waitakere Ranges, I’d like to bring you a few more of my impressions.  This area lies a little less than a very pleasant hour’s … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Super snowfalls

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my intention to publish a sequel.  I’m ready to do that, but I’d like to postpone it for a day or so in view of the massive snowfall that has paralyzed much of the eastern … Continue reading

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Serendipitous snowfall

In spite of my rather pessimistic feeling during the week leading up to the holidays, conditions conspired to bring us not only the first real snowfall of the winter, but also the first real white Christmas we’ve had in many … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Mellow mix

We’ve just returned from what we thought would be our last visit to the cabin for the year, but the construction projects are not yet finished, so there will need to be one more.         By the time we left, practically … Continue reading

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Ave, autumn!

It’s finally here. No more need to hang onto summer with fingernails. Time to welcome autumn with open arms. She arrived at 4:21 this morning. I’ve been looking forward to her very much, and am delighted to open my heart … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Summer’s swan song

There’s something in the air again as summer prepares to take its leave to make way for this year’s autumn.  The equinox that heralds the official seasonal transition here in the northern hemisphere will occur the day after tomorrow at … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Sunny sycamore

We love to watch the changes that our big sycamore goes through during the year, and its huge leaves are particularly magnificent when they are at their peak in late summer.

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A tisket, a tasket…

We’re back at the cabin for a week, getting ready for major renovation.  The mosquitoes have started to appear in force and the ecological clock is working well, as evidenced by the simultaneous appearance of several varieties of our best … Continue reading

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500 Ways to Live Your Love

On this milesone of my 500th post with WordPress, I thank all of you who have been following my blogs. I’ve thought about how to celebrate this, and decided to spend most of the day sorting out a dozen of … Continue reading

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