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Serenity Sunday: Light in the darkness

On the last day of August, with only two more days at our cabin before returning to Omaha, a moderate front moved in from the west after sunset.  I went down to the dock to watch for the infrequent lightning, … Continue reading

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Fall forays, flashback 3

Things became very hectic around the middle of October, with the arrival of my music buddies, and my Website was relinquished to a back burner.  Then there was working up to our concert, thorough cleaning of the whole place for … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Sunset silhouette

My photo friend David in the UK, during a comment on my post from yesterday, asked me to stop my gleeful exuberance about the rain that we have finally received after such a terrible dry spell, because it seems they … Continue reading

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Face to face

Something that someone said the other day reminded me of a close encounter that I enjoyed immensely, in Australia, almost exactly four years ago.  It’s been haunting me ever since, and the only way I can ease the pressure of … Continue reading

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Belated backup blues

I’m not a complete computer illiterate.  I understand very well the essential value of backing up important information on a regular basis.  Yet I, too, get complacent, and Mr. Murphy still exercises his uncanny ability to strike when we least … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Gull(s)

I am delighted to report that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I am very happy to accept.  I will gladly follow the associated rules as passed on to me by Lemony (http://lemonygregghead.wordpress.com), as time allows … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Akaroa Harbour

I’ve been thinking quite a bit this week about my new Flashback Friday project, and I’ve decided to try going back to my days of using conventional film.  I still have a full black & white darkroom, but it’s all … Continue reading

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