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And now for something way different–It wasn’t really all that cold, but the weather gods were sending us snow and sleet, accompanied by considerable wind.  Nevertheless, something totally unexpected came into my mind yesterday and whispered that it was time … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Super snowfalls

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my intention to publish a sequel.  I’m ready to do that, but I’d like to postpone it for a day or so in view of the massive snowfall that has paralyzed much of the eastern … Continue reading

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For the birds (Part 1)

Much has been happening here that has continued to draw my immediate attention away from keeping up with website communications. But I will keep chiming in, as time–and issues on more-front burners–allow. Please bear with me. Since I last posted, … Continue reading

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Serendipitous snowfall

In spite of my rather pessimistic feeling during the week leading up to the holidays, conditions conspired to bring us not only the first real snowfall of the winter, but also the first real white Christmas we’ve had in many … Continue reading

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Spring on hold?

It doesn’t pay to try to outguess Mother Nature. Just when it seems that all the trees are starting to bud and to leaf out and all the flowering plants are eager to open their blossoms, she sends a stern … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Solstice

Once again, it’s the shortest day of the year. Days will finally start getting longer again and each day will be marginally brighter. There may be a tendency toward gloomy thoughts, but mine are light as I eagerly anticipate time … Continue reading

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Milestone 4C

On this occasion of my 400th post, I wanted to present something really special, and I’ve been considering a sunrise to herald the dawn of next hundred, climbing toward the half-thousand mark, on the one hand, and a sunset to … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

Sometimes wishes come true.  We have had a months-long dry spell here in eastern Nebraska, the ground cracking visibly.  There was a slight dusting of powdery snow a few days ago, but only about an inch, and it pretty quickly … Continue reading

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Saturday snowfall

It’s been so dry here, with no appreciable precipitation for months, that the ground has been cracking noticeably.  We finally had some relief overnight—only two inches or so, but at this stage every little bit will surely help to some … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Feather flowers of frost

Text from Lady Foxy, copyright 1998 by Gary D. Bolstad / Krikit Music

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