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Several of our long-awaited spring awakenings have finally come to brighten up the dreary browns of the late winter. As predicted, our temperature rose to the mid-70s today, and that’s apparently all that the daffodils were waiting for to unfold … Continue reading

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Springing forward again

Following the recent warm spell, when the temperature actually climbed into the 80s for a day, it has cooled down once again, bringing at least one frost. The three crocuses that chose to blossom have now faded, the two whites … Continue reading

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Some have the gall

We have a small oak sapling behind the house that has achieved a height of about 32 inches (81 cm) and has maybe two dozen leaves. It also has a dozen or so oak galls, which are tumor-like growths, emanating … Continue reading

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Yes sir, yes sir, two bags full

While having fun with our cone flowers and a few flying furry folk yesterday, another small insect was competing with the green Agapostemon bee (see yesterday’s post) for my attention, and I was more than happy to pay it its … Continue reading

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Green, glorious green!

Challenging myself to the restriction of using only my right arm, I went out among our fading purple cone flowers (Echinacea) again today to see what I could do without the ambidextrous support to which I am accustomed, and without … Continue reading

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Looking high and low for new and old

As I reported yesterday, I spent some time prowling about during the rare, nearly-perfectly calm conditions that blessed us on Saturday. Last autumn we discovered that a small Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis) had started to grow just to the west … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Brunnera beauties

Two weeks ago tomorrow, the first two blossoms on one of our Siberian bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla) appeared and I made this image. I had intended to post it before now, but things have been reeeeally busy. Yesterday was an absolutely … Continue reading

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Peachy progress

It may seem that I’ve been crawling around on my belly for days, searching out the tiny blossoms emerging from the ground, but I’d like you to know that I’ve been looking high as well as low. Our little peach … Continue reading

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Latest lovelies

New flowers are appearing every day now, and I’ll have lots of subjects to keep me quite happy for a while, so today I’ll bring you three more. Happy Tuesday!

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Belated bouquet

I had hoped to post this yesterday as both an Easter bouquet and as another in my Serenity Sunday series, but both of my computers were undergoing remote maintenance and I was unable to process the photos I wanted to … Continue reading

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