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Abstract: Stewart Island Shell

A number of the photographers whose blogs I follow have been participating in a project conceived and initiated six months ago by Australian photographer Leanne Cole, which she calls Monochrome Madness. I have been impressed by the quality of photographs … Continue reading

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Gloriously green

Early sunlight shines through a nearly-perfect new leaf on one of our favorite hostas. A good morning!

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Triple tulip tribute

I’d like to dedicate this to my daughter Squiddy and also to her daughter The Elf in celebration of their birthdays, today and last Sunday, respectively. I’ve been meaning, for some time now, to make a more frequent departure from … Continue reading

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Places remembered: Aberdeen

More warmth for the winter…  On the job again, this time in November 1993.  Standing on a pier in Aberdeen, on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island, at the edge of the harbor at night, I was looking at … Continue reading

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Old Salem sunshine

My photo friend the Meanderer recently posted a lovely photo (here) of horse chestnut leaves that she’d photographed through a window fogged over with condensation.  I was immediately reminded of a scene that caught my eye back at the end … Continue reading

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Refreshing refractions

When we visited the Judge C. R. Magney State Park last month, we hiked a trail that, we thought, led to the Devil’s Kettle Waterfall on the Brule River.  As it turned out, the trail we chose was on the … Continue reading

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Drafty Dogwood

Most of you may have noticed that I’ve been getting behind again on opening, viewing, and commenting on your recent offerings.  I have an excuse (of course).  Those of you who have been following me for a while will recall … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday–Australian abstract

I am long overdue for a Serenity Sunday post, and I haven’t posted an abstract for quite a while, either, so this is to help to address both needs with—as the Germans say—two flies with one swat.  The location was … Continue reading

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Happy Fourthage of Ly!

I remember very clearly when I was a boy and began a lifelong fascination with the fanciful names of exotic places, the way they sounded and felt when we say them, and how to spell them—and I’ve been pretty much … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Animal abstract #1

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