Family Flashbacks (8): Spectacular Salmon Run

This date six years ago found us in California, leaving our lodging in Redding and hoping for an adventurous drive to Arcata. This from my journal: We expected this to be a very good day of exploration, as our Road Trip book had stated that part of our route on 299 (from Weaverville to Willow Creek) is considered to be among the most scenic drives in the state. We expected rather more than we saw, but it was nonetheless a delightful drive, especially the stretch that took us through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. We made only one stop for a still photo with a view down to the Salmon Run River. We made it to our hotel in Arcata by 2 pm and had time for a drive into the Redwoods National Park but the weather turned foul, with one brief respite from the rain that let me get this shot of a young elk in a nearby field. We hoped for better conditions tomorrow.

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12 Responses to Family Flashbacks (8): Spectacular Salmon Run

  1. Your mention of Weaverville reminded me of “The Ballad of Weaverville” by Jim Ringer and Mary McCaslin [].

  2. shoreacres says:

    Well, shoot. I expected photos of you fending off bears while you grabbed salmon out of streams with your bare hands!

  3. bluebrightly says:

    We have great memories from a day trip we took while staying in Ferndale, a little south of Arcata. We decided to head inland on 299 one day and had the best time exploring the Joss House State Park, a still-functioning (barely) Chinese temple from mining days. An utterly amazing place. We enjoyed the road but I agree that you need to stop and get out someplace where you can find a trail or a dirt road to walk down to really see the scenery. We had driven all the way from outside Seattle, through Oregon, and down Rt. 199, which is like 299, where we too had rough, rainy weather. The elk are always a great bonus. I do like that vista in the first photo. :-)

    • krikitarts says:

      There is just so much to experience out there and it almost always seems that there’s too little time to see what’s around that next corner over there. There are so many state parks that I’ve never heard of, and we have to rely on each other to share the treasures we’ve found in the time allotted to us to delve into them. How long did you allow yourselves to get there from Seattle? I’d sure love to see that farther-north country some day too.

  4. Nice elk shot. I am sure you didn’t do this for it. That’s quite a view of the river and mountain.

    • krikitarts says:

      I have seen this video before, and it’s absolutely appalling how abominably stupidly some people can behave. Did he think that was some big, furry, animatronic tourist toy? There was a fence and also about 20 feet of space between the young elk and me, and I stayed very (very!) close to the car.

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