Family Flashbacks (2): Crossing Colorado

Continuing my flashback of our 2014 road trip, 6 years ago today our plan took us through central Colorado. We’d spent the night in La Junta and drove the 222 miles (358 km) to Gunnison. We had fine weather all day as we drove along the Arkansas River as it flowed through Bighorn Sheep Canyon. I was sorry that I had decided not to bring a fly rod along, as I’ve learned that this is excellent trout water. Oh, and by the way, Steve S expressed a wish for me to also bring you a photo of the Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, near Oakley, Kansas, that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I have posted very few selfies on my website, so this is one of the few (thanks to my trusty tripod). Happy to oblige, Steve.

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8 Responses to Family Flashbacks (2): Crossing Colorado

  1. Merci for the view of Monument Rocks, which your picture shows to be quite a geological structure. We’ll take your word for it that it’s you in the photograph.

    Three years ago we drove north through the eastern fringe of Colorado and so must have crossed the Arkansas River near Granda, but I don’t remember it, because I don’t think it’s very big there. In contrast, where we walked alongside it in Tulsa on another trip, it’s very wide.

    • krikitarts says:

      Avec plaisir, mon ami. They are actually not rocks, but chalk formations and are up to 70 feet tall, containing arches, buttes, and stacks. The area was designated as a World Heritage site in 1968.

  2. Monumnet Rocks against that clear blue sky is really quite something!

  3. Meanderer says:

    The colour of the vegetation next to the river is so pretty, and I love the Monument Rocks image with that clear blue sky setting off the colour in the rocks so well.

    I’m enjoying following along on this road trip. We have had lots of coverage of the US election here over the last week or so and I thought (after a long time of meaning to) I would try and learn about the individual states – where they are geographically, the capital cities within, and interesting cultural and geological features to help me to understand each place. Your road trip is helping in that effort as well as being interesting in itself!!

  4. shoreacres says:

    Did you happen to get to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison? That’s one of the places in Colorado I’d love to visit. I haven’t been to Colorado in decades: since grade school, as a matter of fact. We went on a family vacation there, and of course I have the obligatory photo of me and my dad at the Continental Divide. The river looks wonderful. You could go trout fishing in Texas, too. Each winter from December through early March, Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks rainbow trout in various locations. I have a friend who makes the trek to the Rio Frio every year to indulge in a little fly fishing.

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