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Isolation Antidotes (15): Bringing Back the Bard

As our warm weather fades and autumn waxes ever cooler and the days shorten, and as the hitherto-unprecedented social restrictions that we have all had to endure gradually begin to loosen, so that hugs may now be permitted with children … Continue reading

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Webnesday (57): House Hopper Helper

Last week I needed to mow the lawn again, so I took the mower out of my shed and, as I was pushing it out to my traditional starting spot, noticed this little fellow hitching a ride, apparently willing to … Continue reading

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Menagerie Monday: Common Grass Blue

Three weeks ago, while hanging out with (while maintaining distance from) Squiddy and her two grands, she noticed a very small butterfly in one of the adjacent bushes. I was able to get one decent image before it moved on … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Happily Hovering

Two of my blogging buddies, Mike and Pete, have just posted images of hoverflies, and I feel inspired to add one of my own. No, I haven’t seen any here in Auckland recently, but this one that I met near … Continue reading

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Saturday Sequel: Both Sides Now

It’s rather surprising, and more than a little sobering, to consider how much we take some things for granted—until they are taken away, or at least stop working properly. I’ve come to depend, more than I realized, on the ready … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (14): It’s a New Day!

Everything seems to back to normal again, to my great relief, and I have been scurrying this morning to find an image that would, um, reflect my elation. After a very quick search of archived images I’ve tagged for re-visiting … Continue reading

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Can anyone out there help me? I’ve never had any trouble with WordPress before, but for the past two days, roughly half of the comments I’ve had on my last post are not appearing on the post page! I can … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (13): Trio in the Trumpets

As the days get shorter and the nights cooler, and the prospects of being able to return to Minnesota for the northern hemisphere summer unsure, I find myself basking in some of the summer photos in my archives. This one … Continue reading

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Isolation Antidotes (12): Lucky Lenticular Luminosity

Another trip back in time. It was January 2010 (mid-summer), in the midst of a family road trip with our daughters and their families from Auckland to Ohakune (oh-ah-COO-nee), a small town on the southwestern edge of New Zealand’s National … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Finnish Finery

Let’s go back to a fine day in autumn in southern Finland. I was on a work trip but I’d written up my reports on a rainy Saturday and so had this particular Sunday free to explore. I’d stayed the … Continue reading

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