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Serenity Sunday: Another Autumn

The first of March is the official first day of autumn here in the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, the seasonal change falls on the equinox. Be that as it may, I have always had fond feelings for autumn … Continue reading

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Webnesday (51): Helpis closer

I’ve been keeping a close watch on the little Bronze Aussie Jumper (Helpis minitabunda) that I presented here two weeks ago, and she finally let me see her face. I was careful not to get so close that I’d startle … Continue reading

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Menagerie Monday: Hello, Dahli—ah!

Thanks, in large part, to the continuing drought we’re experiencing here in New Zealand’s North Island, many of our garden plants are quite understandably shutting down  to conserve water and energy. But last week, before our Dahlias faded, I found … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today I had just arrived in Japan on a work trip, eagerly carrying my first-ever digital camera, a bulky, 1.9-megapixel, Nikon Coolpix 950, with a 3x zoom lens, which I had bought between Christmas 1999 and the … Continue reading

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Webnesday (50): Helpis Here!

While preparing for this post, I realized that it’s been (well, just a little) over a year since my last arachnid offering. I am very happy to be able to share another now. I have noticed that at least a … Continue reading

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Menagerie Monday: Bush Crickets

Last week was a very good one for visitors to our Dahlia flowers, where I saw the mantis featured (here) in my post of the week before. No more mantises, though—this time, over the course of a few days, I … Continue reading

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