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Boxing Day (only a month late)

Kids of all ages love to play in boxes, right? I know that I did when I was one—and I still do, though they are usually quite a bit bigger now than they were then—and I see the same tendency … Continue reading

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Menagerie Monday: Barnacle Bay

All of us are very fond of exploring the coasts, beaches, and bays around New Zealand, and we’ve found that one needn’t go very far to find some really interesting ones. Castor Bay is one of these, on Auckland’s North Shore, … Continue reading

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Menagerie Monday: Mantis on Dahlia

There was a mantis on one of our dahlia blossoms yesterday. Fortunately, it stayed there long enough for a very nice photo session. Unfortunately, it was one of the South African invasives (Miomantis caffra), which—although not officially considered a pest … Continue reading

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