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Kids on drugs?

I’ve had such positive responses to yesterday’s katydid photo that I’ve been going back over the last time I had the opportunity, which was almost a year ago, and I’ll be doing a follow-up blog soon. But first… Have you … Continue reading

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Green on green (Part 1)

I’m back in Omaha and have another week until CD returns from her five weeks in New Zealand with our girls and their families and, even though she isn’t here to supervise, YardWork must be done. Accordingly, I was dutifully … Continue reading

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A fondness for fungi: Turkey tail

I was finally able to go for a hike in our woods today, but my old path was so congested with windfall trees in the wake of the big windstorm a little over a month ago that I spent nearly … Continue reading

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A looper in the fleabane

I’m spending a week at our cabin in northern Minnesota and have been mostly working on cutting up the trees that fell during our big straight-line windstorm a little over a month ago and haven’t had much time at all … Continue reading

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Webnesday (39)

For the past several days I have been watching a beautiful orb weaver building, consuming, and re-building a web just outside our bedroom window.  This evening, after answering post comments, I decided to see if I could make a portrait … Continue reading

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Last lady standing

A little over a week ago I posted (here) about our naked ladies (Lycoris squamigera) in their prime and at their best. They grow in two separate places in our garden and have been holding on bravely but, as will … Continue reading

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Nebulous noteables: Iowegian monster (Part 2)

In my reply to the comment by ShoreAcres in my last post, I mentioned that a large part of the original cloud had calved off and that the two parts had then migrated apart. I made this shot of the … Continue reading

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Nebulous noteables: Iowegian monster

I drove from western central Minnesota back home to Omaha yesterday after picking up our car from its repair after its unfortunate encounter with the deer, and I chose a route that I’d not driven before. There were a few … Continue reading

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Fabulous and free—and in the Nik of time

I have just learned, in a post on another website, that Google+, which bought the Nik software suite, is now  (since April) offering it to everyone at no cost–in fact, if it’s to be believed, they say that anyone who … Continue reading

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Tweaking Tuesday: Chilly Chipinque

Some twelve years ago, my work took me to Mexico in April. The end of the month found me in the city of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León.  I’d been there for a few days, and had so … Continue reading

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