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Serenity Sunday: Meiji miss

On a warm day in November 1993, during a work trip to Tokyo, I took a bus to the Meiji shrine and strolled happily through the grounds for several hours.  My visit luckily coincided with a special day dedicated to … Continue reading

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In light of the responses I’ve had from my post about winter grilling, I’d like to share my burger recipe with you.  I usually grill steaks a few times in winter, but cold-weather burgers, hitherto a rarity, were a full … Continue reading

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And now for something way different–It wasn’t really all that cold, but the weather gods were sending us snow and sleet, accompanied by considerable wind.  Nevertheless, something totally unexpected came into my mind yesterday and whispered that it was time … Continue reading

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For the birds (Part 2)

As promised, here’s a follow-up on my study of some of the birds that have been coming  to accept our new offering of suet to complement the usual supply of sunflower seeds.  The northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) is a large … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Super snowfalls

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my intention to publish a sequel.  I’m ready to do that, but I’d like to postpone it for a day or so in view of the massive snowfall that has paralyzed much of the eastern … Continue reading

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For the birds (Part 1)

Much has been happening here that has continued to draw my immediate attention away from keeping up with website communications. But I will keep chiming in, as time–and issues on more-front burners–allow. Please bear with me. Since I last posted, … Continue reading

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Happy 2016!

A time for review, reflection, rejuvenation, and renewal.  Happy New Year!

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