Webnesday (34)

I had not expected to be able to do another Webnesday post for a while, but last week I noticed this little black-footed (aka yellow-sac) spider (Cheiracanthium mildiae) that had Black-footed spider 490Black-footed spider 503settled into a secluded corner, and when she didn’t appear to have moved in several days, I enticed her into a box and relocated her to the outdoor plants that we have moved indoors for the winter, in the hope that she’ll find happier hunting grounds.  Good luck, little one!

About krikitarts

Welcome to Krikit Arts! I'm a veterinarian; photographer; finger-style guitarist, composer, instructor, and singer/songwriter; fisherman; and fly-tyer. Please enjoy--and please respect my full rights to all photos on this Website!
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3 Responses to Webnesday (34)

  1. Mike Powell says:

    A spider in December? That certainly was not something that I expected to see, Gary. Best wishes for a wonderful 2016.

  2. krikitarts says:

    I was happy to help, and hope that I did. She settled down into a whorl of leaves and wove a small web about herself, but she’s no longer there, so I presume she’s prowling around. I wish you a great New Year too, Mike.

  3. Vicki says:

    I’m afraid I was not so generous and kind to the caterpillars in my life, Gary. I sent them on their way to plants far away (I hope).
    Hope you and your family enjoy a safe and healthy start to 2016 and look forward to seeing many more of your nature observations and images in the future.

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