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Webnesday (34)

I had not expected to be able to do another Webnesday post for a while, but last week I noticed this little black-footed (aka yellow-sac) spider (Cheiracanthium mildiae) that had settled into a secluded corner, and when she didn’t appear … Continue reading

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Serendipitous snowfall

In spite of my rather pessimistic feeling during the week leading up to the holidays, conditions conspired to bring us not only the first real snowfall of the winter, but also the first real white Christmas we’ve had in many … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Solstice sweetness

It’s the shortest day of the year.  Starting tomorrow, the nights will be getting shorter and the days will be getting longer.  A fire is glowing in the fireplace and a solstice candle is burning close by.  As I contemplate … Continue reading

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Counting down to the solstice

As the light dwindles down to fewer hours each day, with its minimum only a week away, I find myself inspired to bring you a photo that I made in early September and have only recently revisited to explore its … Continue reading

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