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Ave, autumn!

It’s finally here. No more need to hang onto summer with fingernails. Time to welcome autumn with open arms. She arrived at 4:21 this morning. I’ve been looking forward to her very much, and am delighted to open my heart … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Summer’s swan song

There’s something in the air again as summer prepares to take its leave to make way for this year’s autumn.  The equinox that heralds the official seasonal transition here in the northern hemisphere will occur the day after tomorrow at … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Pretzel pups

Does your dog ever relax into a seemingly-impossible (or at least -improbable) position?    I did a post back in 2012 featuring one of our dogs, Limo, in such a pose, which he adopted with considerable frequency.  I named the … Continue reading

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Point & Shoot (2): Bent’s Old Fort

The second installment in my new Point & Shoot category is one that I made last November during a road trip from Nebraska to California, as our route took us through La Junta in southwestern Colorado. Our tour book recommended … Continue reading

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Lovable Lulu

We’ve had a new dog in foster care for the past week from the Nebraska Humane Society.  Lulu is a 9-month-old English Bulldog recovering from a skin condition that must be resolved before she can be spayed and therefore be … Continue reading

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Point & Shoot (1)

And now for something way different.  My blogging friend Mike Powell just published a post this morning about photographing interesting people without going through the usual procedure of lifting the camera to your eye and, to any onlooker, obviously shooting … Continue reading

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A Fondness for Fungi: Northern Minnesota, early September

One of the changes that I look forward to each year in late summer is the appearance of many varieties of fungi in the north woods. I was not disappointed when we were there last week, and I always keep … Continue reading

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Nebulous Noteables: Rock River, Iowa (Part 2)

It’s very seldom that I have offered two nearly-similar photos in subsequent posts, but I’ve been working with the results of our drive through northern Iowa just the other day. CD suggested that I do a monochrome version, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Nebulous Noteables: Rock River, Iowa (Part 1)

We were back up at our cabin for the past three days and returned yesterday. On the way down we kept a close watch on a row of serious thunderstorms moving through northern Iowa, directly across our intended path. When … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Moeraki marvels

For today’s flashback, let me take us back a bit over 12 years ago, to the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island and a truly magic place, the like of which I’ve never seen anywhere else. There are many … Continue reading

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