Big Bog slog blog (no dog)

While we were up at the cabin in Minnesota recently, we decided to revisit a place we’d been to once before. It’s the Big Bog State Recreation Area, with its headquarters near Upper Red Lake. It’s been five years since we were there and we have very fond memories Big Bog 9161of our previous visit. Seven miles north of the main office, a mile-long boardwalk that extends into the heart of the bog was completed in 1995, and we were eager to experience it again—this time with Squiddy along, but alas, without our faithful companion Limo, who left us two years ago. It was not as hot as it had been the last time and there were Big Bog 9221clouds in the sky, but it was still pretty warm—and with my less-than-ideal knees, the two-plus- mile round trip was a bit of a slog, but we had plenty of time and it was very

Lake Darner (Aeshna eremita)

Lake Darner (Aeshna eremita)

worth our while. We had water, CD an umbrella, and Squiddy and I sun hats—essential, as there is very little opportunity for any shade once on the boardwalk. The bog itself covers Tamarack with lichen 91539,459 acres (500 square miles) and is the largest peat bog not only in the state but in the contiguous United States. This treasure has long been a source of medicinal plants for the Ojibwe people and contains orchids, several varieties of carnivorous plants, and rare birds. Even moose are occasionally seen. The boardwalk permits close-up views of pitcher plants Pitcher plants 9207and tiny sundew (much smaller than I had expected), but a few contortions are necessary Sundew 10996to get good photos of them, as it is strictly forbidden to leave the boardwalk. I published a post from our previous experience, which you can see here, if you wish. Please click on an individual photo for a higher-resolution image.

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4 Responses to Big Bog slog blog (no dog)

  1. Now that is what I call an interesting area….something primeval about Sundew plants. We have one are in North of Scotland (again a Nature Reserve) where we have sundew….the ancient woodland has long gone sinking into the peat surrounds. …. but somehow very magical

  2. We have a very nice bog (although not as large as yours and with a much shorter boardwalk) about an hour’s drive from here and maybe I’ll take this post as encouragement to visit it tomorrow. Definitely one of my favorite ecosystems…although I could do without any bog men.

    • krikitarts says:

      I haven’t seen any in ours, but then again, I’ve only been there twice, and both times in broad daylight, and have never strayed off the beaten path. If you should choose to deviate from the safe set of guidelines, be as prepared as you can to proceed at you own risk. And maybe you should take some infrared gear (and also maybe lots of fresh garlic) with you, just in case…

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