Tweaking Tuesday: Iris and stonecrop

For my second installment in this new series, I’m offering a new image that’s a small step farther beyond the “normal” than most others that I’ve posted recently.

10298CR+Nik-TM postI’ve not added anything that was not there when I made the original exposure, but have employed several post-processing tools that allow me to work with and enhance various aspects of the information that my camera recorded. Enough said—I hope you enjoy the result!

About krikitarts

Welcome to Krikit Arts! I'm a veterinarian; photographer; finger-style guitarist, composer, instructor, and singer/songwriter; fisherman; and fly-tyer. Please enjoy--and please respect my full rights to all photos on this Website!
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6 Responses to Tweaking Tuesday: Iris and stonecrop

  1. Technically this is well done, Gary. There can be beauty in subjects past their prime.

    • krikitarts says:

      Actually, the fully-unfolded one was in perfect prime, and the other unfurled a day later (yesterday). It’s the tone mapping that gives them the “fading glory” look, but that’s the effect I was after. The first is now definitely past, but the second is still in full flower. In fact, I just had another look, and I think I’ll revisit it…

  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    Gary, I like this a lot, both for the organic substrate and the diagonal composition – the detail in the Iris petals is wonderful >>> but I for one am interested to know the details of the post-processing. Maybe you don’t want to divulge them and that’s fine – but I’m interested. Adrian

    • krikitarts says:

      No secrets at all from you, Adrian! I fine-tuned initial parameters in Camera Raw, then tone-mapped the result with Nik’s HDR Pro 2 software, starting with the Structurized 1 preset. I’ll e-mail you the details. I’m happy that you like it!

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