Dear Dottie

I’m pleased to introduce Dottie…or maybe Nellie, the new dog we’ve taken under our wings for foster care. She was transferred to the Nebraska Humane Society from a sister organization in Oklahoma. No one seems to be really sure about her history, but she was apparently in some sort of accident and suffered a fractured pelvis.

Dottie 10265It’s obvious that she also recently had a litter of puppies and that she has been spayed. She’s in our care for at least the next two weeks to be sure that she gets her daily medications (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs) and two- or three-times-weekly physical therapy.

Dottie 10275She has a wonderfully sweet disposition and will gladly absorb all the gentle petting that one may care to share with her. She gets along fabulously with our cat, Leo the Magnifi- cent, as well, and has shown no interest in chasing him, though she is very fast on her feet. Dottie 10284She’s definitely part Beagle, from her coloration and her tendency to keep her nose to the ground whenever she’s outside, and we think that the other part is most likely pointer.

Dottie 10309She would love to run, but she has to be on a lead when she’s out so that she doesn’t further injure her healing bones. I’ll report on her again as she settles into family.

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8 Responses to Dear Dottie

  1. seekraz says:

    Pretty pup….and she doesn’t seem to mind the camera, either. :)

  2. Sweetheart! Are you tempted to keep her?

    • krikitarts says:

      If our immediate future plans were other than what they are, we’d be sorely tempted (actually we would have adopted George, the bulldog), but we’ll be out of the country a fair bit of the time over the course of the next 5 years and beyond. Leo will eventually be making a one-way trip to New Zealand to live with Squiddy.

  3. Yep…dogs rather dictate your future lifestyle. After many dogs through our life we were not going to have another…we wanted that freedom to come and go as we pleased. Somehow we ended up with first one rescue then a few years later a second. So the pair of them took over our lives as all the others did. Fun but also two lives that have to be accommodated.

    • krikitarts says:

      It’s hard not to have at least one dog full-time after not being without one for more than 40 years, and the fostering does help somewhat to fill in the inevitable empty space, thank goodness.

  4. She looks so adorable and is lucky to have such a caring family to take care of her.

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