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Serenity Sunday: Iris intimacy

More of our white iris blossoms appeared last week and, after a light rain lasting several hours, I went out for a closer look at one of them.  The still-overcast sky and the lack of any breeze combined to provide … Continue reading

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Webnesday (27)

While in northern Minnesota last week, looking at the new growth on one of our maple trees, I found this tiny crab spider lurking near the stem and apparently waiting hopefully for some very small insect to think it worth … Continue reading

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Tweaking Tuesday: Iris and stonecrop

For my second installment in this new series, I’m offering a new image that’s a small step farther beyond the “normal” than most others that I’ve posted recently. I’ve not added anything that was not there when I made the … Continue reading

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Dear Dottie

I’m pleased to introduce Dottie…or maybe Nellie, the new dog we’ve taken under our wings for foster care. She was transferred to the Nebraska Humane Society from a sister organization in Oklahoma. No one seems to be really sure about … Continue reading

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Bejeweled beauty

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve seen our first ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) and also that I’d had no chance to photograph them yet. That thought stuck with me and I made sure that I spent some time with them throughout … Continue reading

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Chronologically challenged

Ok, so I realized late yesterday that I published my first-ever Tweaking Tuesday post on Monday and my 26th Webnesday post on Tuesday.  What can I say?  I’ve considered retracting and re-posting them, but what’s the point?   All I … Continue reading

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Webnesday (26)

Today’s spider is one that I haven’t presented before. It’s a tiny one, and I was surprised on the one hand to find it ensconced under an old, dry mushroom this early in the year, but not so much after … Continue reading

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