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Melancholy Monday: Ten years past

On this date, exactly ten years ago, I had just arrived in Brussels and was stretching my legs to work off the cramped conditions in the seat I’d had in the economy section of the plane (what we’d come to … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Slipping back

As many of us, in various parts of the Northern Hemisphere, long for ever more promises of warm weather to come, we turn to sheltered environments with flowers that either don’t grow in our areas or will not appear for … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Lost bugs?

I suppose the only thing that’s really silly about this post is my inability to get over my tendency to misinterpret the common name of these flowers whenever I see it in print. It’s Siberian Bugloss, aka Brunnera macrophylla langtrees. … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Fern fronds unfolding

Back in  2008 (actually August eighth, so it was 08/08/08, if you’re into numerology), I found myself in Canberra, Australia, and a friend and I paid a visit to the wonderful Botanical Gardens there. As luck would have it, there … Continue reading

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Avast! Low George Silver!

This is the first installment of a chronicle of misfortune, woe, (unintended) cruelty, subsequent kindness, and modern attempts at correction of previous mistakes. If your sensitivities extend to reluctance to see graphic images of surgical correction of inbred problems, read … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Tui two

I’ve been getting some excellent feedback on yesterday’s post of the tui in the flowering flax. There has been considerable interest in the shape of the bird’s bill and if I was able to observe the bird making use of … Continue reading

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Spring, flowers, and feathers

On this first day of spring, I was reflecting on something special to offer when I read my friend Steve Schwartzman’s new post highlighting New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) and a set of commentary conversations between him and another of … Continue reading

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Springing forward again

Following the recent warm spell, when the temperature actually climbed into the 80s for a day, it has cooled down once again, bringing at least one frost. The three crocuses that chose to blossom have now faded, the two whites … Continue reading

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Ruler of the roost—again

I am happy to report that Molly, the delightful Bichon we’ve had in foster care for the past two weeks will soon be back with her original family without having to be put up for adop- tion..  Her rehabilitation and … Continue reading

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Craning our necks

We had a wonderful adventure yesterday. We drove westward from Omaha to the Nebraska Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center near Kearney (since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll say that it rhymes with “blarney” rather than give you a … Continue reading

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