Flashback Friday: Memorable moth

I was talking the other day with fellow photographer Steve Gingold, who recently re- posted a photo that he’d presented back when his website was quite new, to share with folks who had joined him later and likely hadn’t seen it before. This set me to thinking, and I decided to delve back to way before I started blogging with WordPress. I found myself in the summer of 2000, shortly after I had bought my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 950, as I recall. It boasted a maximum resolution of two megapixels and I seem to remember recording my first images on a 4-megabyte memory card. This is a photo that I made in the ferny woods of northern Minnesota. I was walking on a trail that I was carefully crafting through the underbrush and I still clearly remember when this small white moth flitted past my ear and continued on within sight for another dozen yards or so and landed on a beautiful fern. I followed it very carefully and was amazed that I was able to get close enough to capture some considerable detail.

Moth on Fern ,2000I had a full black-and-white darkroom at the time, but fell in love with the digital world immediately and (almost) never looked back, except to scan and preserve digitally my favorite negatives, slides, and prints. This has remained one of my favorite images, and it’s high time that I share it. I’m not sure of the definitive ID, but my faithful entomologist buddy thinks that it likely belongs in either the Noctuidae or the Geometridae fanily. Click on the photo for a (slightly) higher-resolution image.

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Welcome to Krikit Arts! I'm a veterinarian; photographer; finger-style guitarist, composer, instructor, and singer/songwriter; fisherman; and fly-tyer. Please enjoy--and please respect my full rights to all photos on this Website!
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8 Responses to Flashback Friday: Memorable moth

  1. Vicki says:

    Makes a nice B & W image, Gary.

  2. lauramacky says:

    This is just beautiful! The tones are wonderful.

  3. What is very nice about the image, aside from an excellent composition and management of tomes, is the pristine condition of both the moth, seemingly without a missing scale, and the lush quality of the fern leaves with nary a brown spot (well, the B&W version of a brown spot).

    If you would like to ID your moth, you could post an ID request at Bugguide.net. It’s a beauty of a moth…but people would be surprised at how many absolutely gorgeous moths there are and they can rival that of the butterflies.

    • krikitarts says:

      It was early enough in the summer that whatever chews on the ferns hadn’t gotten around to these yet–lucky for me! As for the positive ID, I’m quite familiar with BugGuide, but my entomologist’s educated guess is good enough for me!

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