Fostering fun: Charlie

We have a new dog under our care as foster parents for the Nebraska Humane Society.

Charlie 2875Charlie is the third dog we’ve taken under our wings. He is quite different from our previous two charges, Glenda and Buzzie, and he is a joy to have as a family member.

Charlie 2823He was picked up as a stray, but he has obviously had positive people contact in his past, as he really likes people and responds readily to affection. He has not once eliminated in the house in the week that he’s been in our care, and lets us know when he wants to go out.

Carlie 2830When he was taken in, he weighed only 8 pounds, and when he was offered for foster care, they had increased it to 10. He eats everything we offer him, and we are confident that he will soon fill out. He is lucky that we have a fenced-in area where he can run free, and he runs like the wind.

Charlie 2820In fact, he is so fast and agile that I think he may have some greyhound or whippet genes.

Charlie 2860 He will be with us for another week or two, and whoever chooses him for adoption is in for a real treat. He is very smart, very affectionate, and totally loveable.

Charlie 2864It is a pure pleasure to have invited him into our home for a while. Go, Charlie. go!

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9 Responses to Fostering fun: Charlie

  1. He looks adorable – a happy chappy! I so admire the fostering work you do and I’m sure that Charlie will be a joy to the person/family that adopts him :)

  2. Frank Wallace says:

    If I lived closer I would take him in a heartbeat. Should have no trouble finding him a home.

  3. He looks like fun and possibly trouble!…..trouble of the nice kind of course. Lots of, lets say, ‘Character’

    • krikitarts says:

      Most definitely! He should have no trouble at all finding a home. I’ll bet he will be adopted within ten minutes or so of his becoming available to the hopeful folks who look for a pet.

  4. Winnie says:

    Charlie brings to mind the little black sheep from the novel So Dear To My Heart, a childhood favorite.

    • krikitarts says:

      You are so insightful! He bounces around on those long legs as if he were on springs, and reminds us of nothing so much as a spring lamb gamboling around or possibly a small antelope, like a duiker or dik-dik. I really must make a video.

  5. Vicki says:

    He looks adorable (especially in that last photo).
    You & CD do a great job with this animal fostering. I’m sure every dog who passes through your door will be all the richer & happier for their stay.

    (and yes, I’m back online, but heaps of work to do before I get out for Photography & Photo Sharing again).

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