Silly Saturday: With Cupid’s blessing

Nearly five years ago my job took me to Italy. One work-free day found me in Firenze (Florence) and, of course I used it to explore. I had a little tourist map of the city and used it to wander around for the better part of the day. One of the places that I remember best was the Piazza della Signorina. In addition to some very famous sculptures, a number of local enterprising individuals had made themselves up to imitate the look of the old sculptures and were attracting at least as much of the attention of the passers-by as were the real ones. I did a post back in January 2012 (here) about one of them, and I’d like to bring you another. This one had dressed himself up as Cupid and, like most of his colleagues, had mastered the art of staying completely still most of the time, giving the impression that he was, in fact, made of stone—until someone came up for a really close look—and/or who might provide a donation for a photo opportunity—made an appearance. I stood in the shadows nearby and was ready for such an event.

Cupid 664 And, yes, I left him a donation (though the object of his apparent affection did not)!

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4 Responses to Silly Saturday: With Cupid’s blessing

  1. Winnie says:

    Cute! I’m pretty sure I saw some of these artists in Harvard Square and at the sunset festival in Key West as well. (Though that was >10 yrs ago.)

    • krikitarts says:

      I’ve seen quite a number of these folks in my various travels, though all in Europe, I think. I’m sure I couldn’t stay still for so long, especially while all dolled up like that!

  2. Vicki says:

    We have ‘Buskers’ made up to look like marble/concrete standing perfectly still all day (well, most of the day) and since it is relatively new, I assume the ‘art’ must come from Europe then.

    You have to admire their concentration, but it’s not a way I would like to spend my day.

    I have to wonder if it affects their skin with that coating of paint(?).

    • krikitarts says:

      I am so in agreement regarding their concentration and also that it’s not for me either! They must certainly be very careful what stage makeup they use, especially if they do it really frequently. It sure is fascinating watching a good one, though!

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