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Over the hill

For a number of reasons, including the family reunion photo show that’s looming ever- larger on my horizon; preparations for a visit from Squiddy, Mr. G, and The Elf; cabin renovation prior to their arrival; and a recent shoulder injury … Continue reading

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Pileated partners

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at the cabin and in spite of the best weather we can remember for this occasion, we spent the vast majority of it dealing with a severe water leak. I did, however, manage to … Continue reading

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Vibrant violets

This photo is a couple of weeks old now, but we still have violets in bloom, and I wanted to share this with you before they have all withered to provide the fodder for future generations. How can one not … Continue reading

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About Face (3)

An old friend has fallen. I have enjoyed finding what look like faces in nature for many years and I have posted some of them in the past. I included one of my favorites, formed by old scars in the … Continue reading

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Gloriously green

Early sunlight shines through a nearly-perfect new leaf on one of our favorite hostas. A good morning!

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Serenity Sunday: White Park Bay

Exactly 14 years ago yesterday, while on a work trip to Northern Ireland, my itinerary took me from Belfast up the eastern and northern coasts to my lodging (in the Bushmills Inn—but that’s another story). Along the way, exploring the … Continue reading

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Milestone 4C

On this occasion of my 400th post, I wanted to present something really special, and I’ve been considering a sunrise to herald the dawn of next hundred, climbing toward the half-thousand mark, on the one hand, and a sunset to … Continue reading

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Webnesday (15)

Allow me to turn the clock back a bit, to a late sunny morning on March 14, on Batty’s patio in New Zealand. I’d just settled down in a comfortable lounge chair out on the deck and was admiring the … Continue reading

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Nebulous Noteables: Ominous overcast

I’ve been having a great deal of fun sorting through some of my film work, and I ran across this one recently. I remember it as if it were yesterday, in large part because I took the time to make … Continue reading

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Melancholy Monday: Pampa profiles

I traveled to Argentina in June 2004 and my itinerary included the area known as La Pampa on one of the weekends. As we approached a park that a colleague of mine was eager to show me, this tree in … Continue reading

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