A happy ending and a new beginning

First and foremost, I am delighted to report a successful conclusion to my first foray into foster-care of a dog in need of temporary care following rescue by our local Humane Society. Those of you who have been following me for a while will certainly remember my posts about Glenda (if you’d like direct links, you can find them here and here). I have recently learned that she has been accepted into a new home where she is welcome, treasured, and very happy.

Glenda 6757We have taken our second step in foster care today, inviting a new dog in need into our home. Nutmeg is a 7-month-old Boxer-Greyhound mix who was rescued from an unfortunate situation in which she was confined to a room with two other dogs and numerous cats without appropriate attention to standard hygiene. She’s had surgery for a leg injury and we expect to have her in our care for about two weeks.

Nutmeg 9522Nutmeg 04-18-14She is a very sweet pup and I believe her to be quite clever and capable of learning what she needs to know quite rapidly to be a good pet. I expect to bring you progress reports in the near future. Please wish us luck!

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14 Responses to A happy ending and a new beginning

  1. lauramacky says:

    What a wonderful thing you do. I have such a huge soft spot for animals. Thank you for opening up your home and giving them care. Glad to hear Glenda is now in a happy home!

  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    I certainly wish you good luck, Gary – and I must say that I very much admire your efforts with these unfortunate creatures. Adrian

    • krikitarts says:

      We’re very happy to be able to help them. Also, having a dog around the house again helps a great deal to fill in–at least in some measure–the gaping emptiness that the leaving of Limo left behind.

  3. You don’t need luck Gary :). You’re a natural at this type of thing because you have such a generous and loving heart!

    • krikitarts says:

      I think that luck does play a part–especially regarding the happenstance that matches up a certain animal in need of temporary help with a certain foster-care giver. Nutmeg is only our second, but so far our luck is holding out really well! Thanks for that, dear Cindy!

  4. Angela Raber says:

    She looks a lot more Boxer to me. Brindle coat. I used to know a breeder so I saw plenty of them and they are great family dogs. Loyal, loving and often goofy but they’re also great protectors. I think she gets around 1k for her pups. They’re very popular so it’ll be easy to find Nutmeg a good home. I’m more into rescueing the unwanted myself so it warms my heart that you are fostering dogs. I hope you’re taking lots of photos of that pretty face while you have her!

  5. wolke205 says:

    Das ist so schön, dass die Maus ein eigenes Körbchen gefunden hat, wo sie sich rundum wohl fühlt <3 Nutmeg schaut so toll aus – wenn sie nicht schnell ein schönes Heim findet weiß ich auch nicht weiter ^^ Liebe Grüße und frohe Osterfeiertage :)

  6. Winnie says:

    Many thanks for the update on Glenda! I was wondering about her while reading one of your recent posts and was planning to inquire after you’ve been home a little longer. Best wishes are sent your way as you and CD foster Nutmeg with love and fun.

  7. So happy for sweet Glenda! That’s great news. Big hugs to Nutmeg! Such a wonderful thing you’re doing!

  8. Vicki says:

    That first (& also the last) shot is priceless.
    You do a wonderful job in fostering these animals. No doubt they are feeling a whole lot better for your expert care and attention.

  9. Meanderer says:

    Wonderful news regarding Glenda, Gary. I’m sure Nutmeg will thrive in your care. All the best!

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