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All’s quiet on the northern front

We just returned from our first check on everything at the cabin in northern Minnesota, and I’m very happy to report that everything is ship-shape. No trees have fallen onto any critical structures, no critters have found their way into … Continue reading

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Webnesday (14) and wait for me!

Okay, I must admit it: Over the course of the past week or so, a careful observer might have noticed me crawling around on my belly looking for the plentiful bounty of new spring emergers, although—as I wrote yesterday—I do … Continue reading

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Peachy progress

It may seem that I’ve been crawling around on my belly for days, searching out the tiny blossoms emerging from the ground, but I’d like you to know that I’ve been looking high as well as low. Our little peach … Continue reading

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Latest lovelies

New flowers are appearing every day now, and I’ll have lots of subjects to keep me quite happy for a while, so today I’ll bring you three more. Happy Tuesday!

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Belated bouquet

I had hoped to post this yesterday as both an Easter bouquet and as another in my Serenity Sunday series, but both of my computers were undergoing remote maintenance and I was unable to process the photos I wanted to … Continue reading

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A happy ending and a new beginning

First and foremost, I am delighted to report a successful conclusion to my first foray into foster-care of a dog in need of temporary care following rescue by our local Humane Society. Those of you who have been following me … Continue reading

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Spring setback, ready replacements

I had planned to take a break from my recently-frequent posting, but circumstances plotted against me during the course of the past day. Late yesterday afternoon the wonder- ful rain that we had needed so much metamorphosed into snow, which … Continue reading

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Yaaay-pril showers!

In answer to the prayers of so many people in this part of the country, the skies darkened today and released the first significant rainfall that we have seen in what I believe must be at least half a year. … Continue reading

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Full-flower follow-up

The first group of daffodils, several of which I presented yesterday in their early stages of unfurling, has burst into unabashed glory this morning.  What a delightful sight! Also, few days ago I posted my first images of our emerging … Continue reading

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Tweager twait!

I know that some of the bloggers whose posts I follow (you know who you are!) have lots of fun selecting the titles for their publications—as, I readily admit, do I. So today’s vernal development prompted this (hopefully) enigmatic title … Continue reading

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