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Harbingers of autumn

Please don’t mistake my intention here—I am not ready to let go of summer for quite a while yet, and I plan to do what I can, as time and other commitments allow, to celebrate her presence for the foreseeable … Continue reading

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Places remembered: Grand Marais

I remember very well my first trip to Minnesota to meet CD’s family, back in 1971.  A couple of years later I traveled with them to meet relatives who lived in Grand Marais, a town on the North Shore of … Continue reading

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Webnesday (8), Part 2

Several folks have reported, in response to yesterday’s post, that they had fun trying to locate the little spider lying quietly along her branch, so I went back out this morning and found to my delight that she’s still there, … Continue reading

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Webnesday (8)

It rained last night.  Strong winds and hail warnings were posted, but most of the heavy weather passed us by to the north.  At dawn this morning, the local conditions provided a blanket of fog on the forest floor here … Continue reading

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My stars!

Only a little time lag here from the event to my account—a couple of weeks, in fact, but in astronomical terms it’s less than a nano-second!  We were up at our lake cabin during the Perseid meteor shower, and I … Continue reading

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The naked truth (about Naked Ladies)

CD has just informed me that I need to include more information about the common name of the Naked Lady flowers in yesterday’s post, so here’s the rest of the story. Aside from their obvious delicacy and lovely beauty, you … Continue reading

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Naked surprise

Did that get your attention?  I apologize for the rather-sensationalist teaser-title, but bare with me (oops, sorry), and I think you’ll catch my drift . . . During the past few years, we must have been at the cabin when … Continue reading

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