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Archives (3): Thunderhead, Mt. Lincoln

Back in early August 1992, our family treated ourselves to a week at a ranch very nicely situated next to the Taylor Fork of the Gallatin River in Montana.  As we arrived, I saw this massive thunderhead climbing rapidly into … Continue reading

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Lilac lovelies (and a bonus bug)

Just the other day my photo friend the Meanderer commented on my post of the becalmed dogwood and asked about the lavender splash of color in the background, wondering if it was a lilac bush.  It certainly was, and as … Continue reading

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Archives (2): Memorial Day 2013

For my Memorial Day offering, I’ve delved back into my archives and found a photo that my mom probably shot, of me and my dad, when I was only three weeks old.  My dad, who served as a Captain in … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Dogwood becalmed

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post with the totally-unrecognizable dogwood blossoms being buffeted about by the breezes, here is my favorite of the shots I made of them during one of their brief moments of relative calm.  It’s a Pagoda … Continue reading

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Drafty Dogwood

Most of you may have noticed that I’ve been getting behind again on opening, viewing, and commenting on your recent offerings.  I have an excuse (of course).  Those of you who have been following me for a while will recall … Continue reading

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Webnesday (5)

Last Sunday we were in the garden doing YardWork again, pulling unwanted grasses out by the roots while the ground was still soft from recent rains, when CD suddenly called me over to where she was working and said that … Continue reading

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Archives (1): The eyes have it

I’ve been having a discussion with my good photo friend Adrian Lewis about bringing great memories back to life through photography, and I mentioned that some of my best memories of my days in veterinary practice are intimately related to … Continue reading

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