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Further firsts

Things are progressing nicely in the floral community here.  It hit 84°F (29°C) yesterday and almost that again today, and two of our light-lavender varieties have now made  appearances, so I am happy to present the first phlox blossom and … Continue reading

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First flame—finally!

I’ve been reporting on the new flowers as they appear, and apart from the brilliant yellow daffodils, their colors have been rather consistently subtle and subdued.  But yesterday things advanced to a new level as the first of our flaming … Continue reading

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Promises, promises

At the considerable risk of appearing complacent, it does seem that a certain much- longed-for seasonal event may be at hand, at last.  Over the course of the past few days, I have seen (in order, more or less) the … Continue reading

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Autumn Afterthoughts

It is our custom to save a few of our favorite fallen leaves each autumn and display them carefully in a place where they can be admired for many extra months without much risk of their being damaged.  Late fall … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2013

For my contribution to Earth Day, I’ll take you to one of my favorite places—the lush, verdant, gently-rolling hills of Banks Peninsula, which extends out into the Pacific Ocean from the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island just below … Continue reading

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Veni, vidi…Vinca!

It didn’t reach the predicted high temperature today.  Sigh.  It probably won’t again tomorrow.  Sigh.  But apparently our periwinkles (Vinca major) are impatient for more favorable conditions.  So am I, as you may have noticed.  Many more blossoms have appeared, … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Springtime scoffing

So, Old Man Winter, you think you can beat us down with your seemingly-endless tenacity and ability to rally and reappear just when we thought you had departed for good?  Well, we are noticing that each of your attempts is … Continue reading

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