Spring back (5)

Well, here we are again.  The high today is supposed to reach only 24°F (-4.4°C).  We    had an inch of snow yesterday; it’s snowing right now, and another inch is supposed to  fall during the course of the day.  Old Jack’s final springtime relaxation back into his component parts will be postponed yet a bit longer.  Does he mind?  Is he relieved?  Disappointed?  I’m not sure—his expression is a little hard to read at the moment.

Old Jack 03-25-13

Old Jack 03-25-13

And so I’ll continue my pictorial journey back to past and warmer times . . . The spring of 2008 found me visiting old friends (from college days) who had moved from their native Germany to a quiet life in the Andalucía region of Spain, a good hour’s drive inland from Malaga.  We went for a memorable walk through the hills that surround their home, and our path took us along the edge of this lovely valley.  I can still smell the heady perfume of new things growing everywhere and the birds singing out their joy.

Andalucía 03-08-08

Andalucía 03-08-08

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Welcome to Krikit Arts! I'm a veterinarian; photographer; finger-style guitarist, composer, instructor, and singer/songwriter; fisherman; and fly-tyer. Please enjoy--and please respect my full rights to all photos on this Website!
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4 Responses to Spring back (5)

  1. victoriaaphotography says:

    What a lovely reminder of Spring (in the second photo).

    Summer came back today in my side of the world, with a vengeance.
    I wish the Seasons would sort themselves out and get back on track.

  2. krikitarts says:

    Thanks a lot, Victoria, it seems that things are screwy in so many parts of the world. We have very good company in wishing for a return to relative normalcy!

  3. seekraz says:

    Don’t you just LOVE that springtime perfume coming up from the earth and new green life?! I still remember the first time I experienced it up here in Utah…walking down Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail in June of 2010…it was very heady…rich…wonderful. I can almost smell it with you in that second image, Gary…what a beautiful place.

  4. krikitarts says:

    It’s really true. If only someone could manage to can or bottle some of that–it’s like a fine wine. I sure could use a generous glass of that right about now. It can’t be all that much longer now, though!

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