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Turkeys in the trees

As we were greeting the day this morning and looked out the window, what—to our won- dering eyes—should appear, but a half-dozen members of our local band of wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), wandering about, scratching, and pecking in the grass … Continue reading

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Soaring into the new year

Three factors have led to this post.  The first is a memory search, that has been going on in my mind for some time now, to present another few images that help to convey my enthusiastic optimism as this new … Continue reading

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(Un)masked Midnight Mystery

There are times when my beloved and faithful companion Limo can make my hair stand on end.  He has an uncanny sixth sense for any unexpected visitor to our property, and he not infrequently tends to lead me to believe … Continue reading

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Happy Old and New Years!

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and there’s still crunchy, crusty snow on the ground as the old year passes away and the new one starts afresh.  The old year was mostly wonder- ful and I am expecting … Continue reading

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