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Flashback Friday: Slovenian vineyards

On this last day of November, a flashback farewell to autumn memories seems appropriate.  One of these that comes to mind immediately is from a little over three years ago.  While I was on assignment in Italy, I found myself … Continue reading

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First snow

The cloak of autumn slipped away from the shoulders of the morning / As the first snow fell today and the geese called out their warning I heard them gathering in the night, collecting courage for their migratory flight / And … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Barry’s Bay

I haven’t presented a new Serenity Sunday photo in about three months, but I’m in that kind of mood today, having slept in and looking forward to a cool, gray day of unpacking and setting up Christmas decorations.  For today’s … Continue reading

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A Fondness for Fungi: near Carrouges

I’ve been considering expanding my favorite themes to include a new family of organisms that have long been a source of fascination for me.  I consider it a logical extension of my “A Liking for Lichens” series, which has received … Continue reading

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Giving thanks for the day

I’ve just placed my fresh Frangelico Chocolate Pecan Pie into the fridge to cool and would like to wish you all a most delightful Thanksgiving!  It’s still unseasonably warm—it topped 70°F here yesterday and should reach 60 today—but there’s still, … Continue reading

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Fall forays, flashback four

The new popples (aspen) that have sprung up to take advantage of the sudden availability of light and space are in abundance, each seeming to try to outgrow its neighbors to have the best advantage when spring comes around again, … Continue reading

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Fall forays, flashback 3

Things became very hectic around the middle of October, with the arrival of my music buddies, and my Website was relinquished to a back burner.  Then there was working up to our concert, thorough cleaning of the whole place for … Continue reading

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Skeptical scavengers

A couple of days ago the big acorn-hunters were back in the neighborhood, this time at least 19-strong.  As the two mature toms chased each other around, the rest of the flock pursued their acorn-scavenging rather sedately.  This time I positioned … Continue reading

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Autumn arachnophilia

As warm days start to become the exception, the spiders have been making increasingly-infrequent appearances.  We have had none of the big, beautiful orb weavers this fall, to my considerable disappointment, and the only spiders I’ve seen in the past … Continue reading

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Belated birthday bulletin

My report on my birthday celebration, nearly a month ago, is long overdue.  As I’ve reported in the past, I traditionally invite my three best friends up to the cabin for a week of music and photography, and this year … Continue reading

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