Places remembered: Bolzano

W have been looking forward to presenting my 200th post for some time, but I am forced to admit that I have been sorely neglecting my Website over the course of the past week or a little more.  I have been having some computer issues and have spent a great part of five days on the phone and online with technicians (mostly in India) trying to resolve my problems; it appears that my only solution is uninstall and re-install my entire Windows 7 operating system.  I have been assured that all my stored data will remain intact, but that I’ll have to re-install all of my software programs.  I am not looking forward to this.  Anyway, that’s why I’ve been out of touch.  I’m very close, however, to authorizing this step, but before I do, I need to escape to another favorite place from my travels to help to take my mind off this issue that has been dominating most of my conscious thought . . .

Just a little over three years ago, I was on assignment in Italy and was able to spend a weekend at the edge of the South Tyrolean Alps, in the town of Bolzano (Bozen in German).  As I was settling in at my hotel on Friday evening, my host suggested that I ride the suspended cable car up to the higher country.

I followed his advice the next morning, walked to the boarding station, and began a morning of fairyland magic.  It was a crisp, almost-perfectly-clear, early-September day with only a very gentle breeze.  There were only a few other passengers, and I was able to board the next gondola.  The ride took me up the side of the mountain called The Ritten.

At the other end of ride perches the little sister village of Soprabolzano / Oberbozen (Upper Bolzano).  I had enough time for a leisurely stroll and to pass a few moments with a local woman with a fabulous flower garden;  she ran a bed & breakfast in her home and invited me to stay with her the next time I’m in the area—I truly hope to be able to do this some day.

I had a grilled chicken salad with a lovely glass of chilled wine, and then it was time to go back down to meet my host again for some further adventure (stuff for another post).

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17 Responses to Places remembered: Bolzano

  1. Frank Wallace says:

    Lovely images Gary.
    Maybe it’s time to convert to the Mac! Those week long sagas will be pretty much a thing of the past. I rarely have any hiccups with my MacBook Pro…however I too have just spent over a week installing windows over and over on my wife’s Dell.

    • krikitarts says:

      I hear you quite well, Frank, but I’m so comfortable with the filing system in the PC and the way the system works that I’m not ready to give it up on my workhorse laptop–yet. I am, however, considering a new iMac desktop (with the 27″ screen) that will encourage me to learn the Mac system much more intimately. Thanks for the educated suggestion!

  2. seekraz says:

    We’re slowly climbing out of some computer woes here, as well…doesn’t seem worth it sometimes, but we can’t seem to live without them. Beautiful photos, Gary…I’ve never been to Italy…thank you for the little vacation…will look forward to that other post….

  3. Victoria says:

    Great photos of a lovely area. I enjoyed them very much.

    (My computer is also having ‘hiccups’ at the moment. Drives me up the wall sometimes. Despite a virus scan, being of the ‘technology challenged’ type of female, I can never tell whether it’s a WordPress glitch or my actual hardware. Windows 7 caused all sorts of probs when installed earlier this year, so my brother uninstalled it again and I am still yet to experience it’s delights).

  4. krikitarts says:

    Yup, they’re supposed to make our lives easie, and they do–when they work. It’s actually rather alarming how much we come to depend on them and take them for granted. I hope this new fix will see me through the next few years–my laptop is only 2 1/2 years old. Thanks for the compliments!

  5. Emily Gooch says:

    Wow! Absolutely a stunning place to be. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images, Gary. It helped me forget about my own issues for a moment. ;)

    Hope you get your computer problems fixed without any further problems. Don’t you just love talking to computer techs who are on the other side of world. :)

    • krikitarts says:

      I find my reflections drifting back to this particular day again and again, Emily, and I am planning to follow up with the rest of the weekend–which included my first-ever up-close look at the Dolomites. This is such an incredible part of the world. I’m so happy that I was able transport you, too, to another place, another time. Computers, yes…ask me again in a week…

  6. Jeff Sinon says:

    Sorry to hear about the computer problems, just one word will solve your computer woes, Mac! :-)

    What a great series Gary. It must have been even more beautiful in person.

    • krikitarts says:

      Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that many times, but I’m considering a compromise. I really need a good laptop, and if my reinstallation doesn’t go smoothly, I may really consider the Big Switch. Meanwhile, maybe a desktop iMac to learn to use it comfortably… Thanks, Jeff, for letting me know that you like the series–I am planning to continue it. There’s so much more!

  7. Life is oh! so easy with a computer….avoid Windows some say and go Mac. But I still know folk who have the same problems even having made the switch. I sometimes think that computers suddenly say to themselves that enough is enough and give up. Swapping data to a new computer is now so easy but I wish someone would come up with a solution for tranfering your programes as well…That is the big stumbling block to upgrades

    • krikitarts says:

      I’m on top of it, David, and have located the installation disks for all but two of the programs I need, and I think I downloaded them, so I’m hoping I can get re-downloads (I hope I registered them after the purchase!). I am so eager to have this behind me and to be able to get back to answering my horrendous backlog of new offerings by those I follow (definitely including you)–it will take me a full week to catch up. At any rate, all should be resolved, one way or another, within the next week. Thanks so much for you interest!

  8. MikeP says:

    Lovely place… love the landscape.

    • krikitarts says:

      I thought so too, but there was another passenger in my gondola on the trip back down. It was a young woman who lives below and works above. She said she never even looks out the window any more and couldn’t wait for the trip to be over. Poor kid!

  9. Adrian Lewis says:

    Beautiful landscapes, Gary – and what a place, almost out of a picture book! Adrian

  10. krikitarts says:

    Too right–I thought I’d stepped right into a fairy tale!

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