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Fall forays, day 3

When I took Mr. L for his morning constitutional walk a little before eight, I heard one of my favorite sounds, the haunting calls of Canada geese, from the direction of the lake.  I had not gone down to the … Continue reading

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Fall forays, day 2

It was much warmer today.  No frost and still no sign of serious wind or rain.  No fog either, but a gentle overcast.  An essential drive to town confirmed for me that the fall colors have yet to reach their … Continue reading

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First fall forays

I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  I drove up to the cabin yesterday, not getting away from home until 11 a.m., with my faithful companion Limo as co-pilot, in a rental truck (to bring up … Continue reading

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Advent of autumn

Today is the autumnal equinox, heralding the official first day of autumn.  I will not lament the departure of summer; rather, I will welcome the advent of autumn with open arms and embrace her.  As if to help me to … Continue reading

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The last rose of summer

There is an old, familiar feeling in the air.  It’s mostly melancholy, as the nights are slowly but relentlessly growing cooler and longer and the morning sun seems a little more hesitant each day to bring its warmth and light … Continue reading

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Places remembered: Bolzano

W have been looking forward to presenting my 200th post for some time, but I am forced to admit that I have been sorely neglecting my Website over the course of the past week or a little more.  I have … Continue reading

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Perfect Portulaca

As summer slowly and reluctantly relinquishes her hold on the flora here in the heartland, urged on by the continuing lack of adequate natural rain, we are forced enhance the water supply to the few ornamental plants with which we … Continue reading

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Summer slipping and a cheeky chippie

We just spent another three days at the cabin, returning on Labor Day, and thoroughly enjoyed being in the north woods again.  I love late summer, when the fields are full of purple asters and the bracken still is mostly … Continue reading

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