Magnificence in miniature

It has been a very good summer for hummingbirds.  It is not too hard to catch them at the feeder or during the brief moments when they’re perched and resting, but it’s a real challenge to try to get good images while they’re in flight, and sometimes the patience it takes pays off.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to get these two.  Finn, these are for you.


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Welcome to Krikit Arts! I'm a veterinarian; photographer; finger-style guitarist, composer, instructor, and singer/songwriter; fisherman; and fly-tyer. Please enjoy--and please respect my full rights to all photos on this Website!
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16 Responses to Magnificence in miniature

  1. Woow wow wow hes soooo cute!!

  2. sandy says:

    They certainly are!

  3. Breath abated! Call 911! I officially know someone who caught the perfect images of these beautiful but photo-elusive creatures!

  4. krikitarts says:

    I’m not sure what fascinates me most about these small folk–their diminutive perfection, their aerobatic agility, the incredible iridescence of the male’s throat feathers, their ability to migrate thousands of miles and return–all of the above, and more! Thanks, Dezra!

  5. If only…..yes if only they visited our country and my garden. Great

    • krikitarts says:

      Works both ways. You’ve introduced me to a number of feathered folk I’d love to see over here as well, but we still curse the idiot who wanted to import all of the birds mentioned by Shakespeare into the new world.

  6. Jeff Sinon says:

    I have yet to capture anything anywhere near as nice as these, and it sure isn’t for lack of trying!

  7. seekraz says:

    Beautiful, Gary…excellent captures. :)

  8. Adrian Lewis says:

    Gary – both absolutely outstanding pictures, images of great beauty! Adrian

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