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Absence Alert

Hi everyone, I have just begun a week with my brother, his extended family, and my 101-year-old mom, in North Carolina, and I wanted to let you all know that I am not going to have time to keep up … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Dip Falls

If memory serves, March 1995 was when I made my first visit to Tasmania.  It’s one of the states of Australia, roughly the size of the state of Maine in the USA, and is the 26th-largest island in the world.  … Continue reading

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A Splash of Saffron

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A Liking for Lichens: Craters of the Moon

I am overdue for another chapter in my series on lichens I’ve found and photographed.  Today’s offering takes us to a place called Craters of the Moon Geothermal Walk, in the caldera just north of the town of Taupo, smack … Continue reading

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Fabulous Forty!

I am very proud to announce that we are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  We were married in Berlin, with the civil ceremony (required in Germany) on May 12 and the church ceremony (optional) 40 years ago today.  I am … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Hamming it up in Heidelberg

OK, friends, it’s Friday again—and time for another flashback.  Let me take you back some 40 years, to student days in Germany.  I played guitar with three young Berliners in a group we called The Rocky Top Bluegrass Boys, and … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Meiji #3

Back in February and March I published two Flashback posts (here and here), in which I introduced my free day in Tokyo in 1993 when I visited the Meiji Shrine.  In the first of those I described the circumstances leading … Continue reading

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Forward: Disabling comments on comments

Please follow the link to Lemony’s blog to see how to stop unwanted comments on comments.  Thanks to Lemony’s alertness and willingness to share, here’s the short answer!

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Places Remembered: Verona

Please permit me a seasonal juxtaposition.  It’s full-blown spring now, and the birds are all singing what appear at first to be songs of joy, but probably are rather raucous territorial warnings to potential rivals and predators.  Still, as the … Continue reading

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Saltie Success

I have long had a particular fondness for the small folk who share this wonderful world with us, and I have developed a special fascination for the spiders.  And my favorites among them are the jumpers—the salticids.  Today one made … Continue reading

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